Epilepsy Foundation of South Carolina The Burden of Epilepsy in the Palmetto State Epilepsy Foundation of South Carolina logoEpilepsy is a significant health problem in the United States and in South Carolina. Epilepsy, also known as "seizure disorder," is a neurological condition characterized by recurring seizures. A seizure is a brief, temporary disturbance in the electrical activity of the brain. It is estimated that over 3 million Americans and between 55,000 to 65,000 South Carolinians have epilepsy. By age 75, 3% of the population will develop epilepsy, and one in every ten individuals will have a seizure in his or her lifetime. Epilepsy also has a profound economic impact. Annually, healthcare costs related to epilepsy are estimated at $15.5 billion* in the United States and approximately $220 million** in South Carolina. Epilepsy affects people of all ages and races and presents significant issues to those with the condition. Challenges in employment, financial costs, transportation, social interaction, and education are often encountered by those with epilepsy. Nearly 200,000 people in the U.S. develop epilepsy every year* (nearly 2800 in S.C.**). In about 70% of these cases the cause is not known. In cases where a cause can be identified, head trauma, prenatal disturbance of brain development, brain tumor, stroke, heredity, and certain infections of the brain are common causes. Most people with epilepsy can live relatively normal and productive lives, provided they obtain adequate treatment for their epilepsy. Many medications and other therapies have been developed in recent years to drastically improve the health status of those with epilepsy, though a cure for epilepsy is not available at the current time. Our Mission "To ensure that people with seizures are able to participate in all life experiences and will prevent, control, and cure epilepsy through research, education, advocacy, and services." About Us The Epilepsy Foundation of South Carolina is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, voluntary health agency and is a representative affiliate of the Epilepsy Foundation. We are dedicated to serving those with epilepsy and their families in South Carolina through its central office in Columbia and satellite offices in Greenville and Charleston. If you would like more information, please contact: Epilepsy Foundation of South Carolina 652 Bush River Rd., Suite 211 Columbia, SC 29210 (803) 798-8502 (803) 798-8591 (fax) epilepsysc@epilepsysc.org